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ITom Sterner have had the pleasure of interviewing the best-selling author Tom Sterner on several occasions. The first time was a number of years ago, when Tom and I had more of a chat on his former Internet radio show, Living in the Present, and we spoke at length about the practice of meditation, its benefits, and how easily accessible it is to anyone who has an interest in quieting their minds and becoming more present-moment and aware.

More recently, I interviewed Tom about his best-selling book, The Practicing Mind: Developing Focus and Discipline In Your Life.  Although I was the original editor for this book, I still took away quite a bit from our interview.  It was enjoyable and enlightening to talk about some of the core concepts in this book – such as awareness and enjoying the process – and the role that they play in helping people move forward and make sustainable changes in their lives to create the lives that they desire.

The Practicing MindTom’s list of accomplishments truly describes a Renaissance Man!  He is not only a best-selling author, but also a long-time personal friend of mine. In addition to authoring the The Practicing Mind, Tom is also an accomplished musician who was trained as jazz pianist; he holds a private pilot’s license, is an avid golfer, and a student of archery. He has studied Eastern and Western philosophy, in addition to sports psychology, all of which have helped to form Tom’s approach to practice and living in the present moment.  Much of Tom’s knowledge has been acquired through focused, disciplined self-study, which makes him a living example of the concepts in his book.  Tom teaches and shares these concepts and universal wisdom to a diverse group of pupils, including musicians and businesspeople, and at various venues such as sports clinics and universities.

I know you will enjoy listening to these illuminating and entertaining interviews.  For more information about Tom and his book, visit

Living In The Present Radio Show – Discussion on Meditation

“The Practicing Mind”  Interview

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