“I’ve known Lin McDowell for more years than either of us would probably like to admit. I have worked with her in group settings as well as in a close partnership. Many times, stress, anxiety and potential confrontation with others have been a part of the experience I have shared with her.

Lin has an incredible ability to stay level, see positive solutions and to not be negatively affected by what others would surely find intolerable situations. She has too many talents to mention here but I will say that her communication skills as well as her problem solving abilities are among her strongest assets. As the sole editor of the first edition of my book The Practicing Mind, she was able to listen to me speak through my writing and hear what I was really saying. For me, her ability to see and focus on my core message was not only a big part of the success my book has garnered, but an extremely essential talent in the art of effective life coaching. It should also be said that she executes it all with a quiet, comforting energy.”

~ Thomas M Sterner. Author of The Practicing Mind and Founder and CEO of The Practicing Mind Institute

“Lin’s calming techniques in times of stress, whether it was words of advice or calming helpful words to end conflict were helpful to me in my work environment to keep stressful situations from escalating.  Through her (stress reduction) seminar, I learned the most valuable technique and mantra I have brought into my everyday life; live in the moment, focus on the moment, turn off the outside, calm the mind, and breathe!”

~Saundra Chapman, Realtor

“Lin has an uncanny way of seeing past others’ fears and presenting to us what should have been obvious, but was too close to see clearly.  She has a unique approach to assisting others, never judgmental, always open and tactful.  Lin has an ability to see through the masks that others wear.

Lin is unique in the way that she can listen to me rehashing the same things over and over, like it is the first time she is hearing it.  There have been many of our talks that I walk away from with a new perspective, with confidence that I will get through what I need to get through.”

 ~Laurie Fuhrmann, Assistant Registrar

“While working with Lin, I greatly admired her ability to bring a sense of calm to our fast-paced, stressful work environment. She is a true listener; she takes the time to understand what an individual is trying to communicate in order to help him/her to find a solution to the problem at hand.

Lin is also an advocate of leading a healthy, balanced life. She understands that productivity and success in the workplace depend not only on the amount of effort and time that is dedicated to an individual’s job, but also on that person’s ability to focus on his/her physical and mental well-being, willingness to set limits, and ability to communicate those limits to others in a thoughtful and diplomatic manner.

Lin has had a tremendously positive impact in my life. She has been a wonderful example, showing me that it is okay to set limits for myself; nowadays, I rarely feel as though others are walking all over me. Lin has also given me tools that have helped me to push away the automatic “panic response” that arises when I am faced with a problem or with a potential confrontation. This has helped me to have the mental focus necessary to find solutions. As a result, over the past few years, I have found that many of my colleagues–and clients–come to me for assistance when they are confronted with their own challenges. Now, instead of going to my supervisor in panic when I am faced with a problem, I often jokingly tell him that I am our department’s “CPSO”–our ‘Chief Problem-Solving Officer!'”

~ Nadia Redman, Assistant Director of Admissions and Recruitment

Lin has impacted my life on both a professional and personal level.  We met while working together in a rather fast paced, and often chaotic environment.  Whenever my stress level began rising to uncomfortable levels, I could call Lin’s office and be comforted immediately by the calm and relaxing tone of her voice.  She has an exceptional way of listening, offering words of encouragement, and assisting me with putting things in perspective, even if it was me who needed to take a closer look at my own behavior and reactions.   Lin does these things in a non-judgmental and empathetic manner that always leaves me feeling better about myself and more focused in the moment. 

I have also carried Lin’s words home with me into my personal life.  As I feel my stress level rise, I  hear her voice in my head. Then I would begin asking myself, “Wendy, are you living in the moment?  What is the REAL problem that is causing me to stress out?  What am I doing to perpetuate this problem?

~Wendy Clark, HR and Payroll Coordinator

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