Mindfulness at Work

job stressI see it all the time: friends, family, colleagues and clients who are valiantly trying to cope with the excessive demands of their jobs. Their departments are under-staffed, their workload is off the charts, their colleagues are irritable, no one seems to really listen to anyone, and everyone is working as fast as they can and still feeling as though it’s not fast enough.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Mindfulness Practice

Enter mindfulness, a practice that enables you to let go of the desire to improve your focus, performance and well-being, leading you to…….…..become more focused, perform better and experience increased well-being1. How is this seeming paradox possible?

Simply put, as you practice mindfulness at work, you begin to slow down and experience each moment fully with all of your senses. Instead of the mental gymnastics of constant problem-solving, you begin to realize that your constant attempt to control what is happening is actually limiting your ability to realize and experience other possibilities. Your awareness of your relationship to your work and all that it entails begins to expand as you let go of the need to focus, create, produce and solve1.

meditation by the lakeMeditation is one way to develop mindfulness, and practicing mindfulness touches so many areas of our lives: how we communicate, how we respond to perceived stress, how we eat, how we move…… Although you don’t need to begin a mindfulness meditation practice in order to practice mindfulness in your life, it is a wonderful way to develop the foundation of beginning to slow down and develop awareness, two key components of mindfulness.

For more on this topic, check out this article from mindful.org:

1Can Mindfulness Help Us At Work?

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