Life Coaching FAQ’s


  • The life coaching process empowers, encourages and motivates individuals to clearly identify, clarify and articulate their goals and desires; to develop strategies to overcome roadblocks; to identify limiting beliefs; to be accountable to their dreams; to step outside of their comfort zone to achieve their goals, and to create a plan and take actions to achieve their objectives.
  • It enables people to continue on their path toward self-improvement, balance and achievement.
  • Life coaching creates measurable, sustainable results during and after the coaching process.
  • The goal of a coach is to understand their client’s vision, needs and objectives; help clients develop plans to move quickly and easily toward their goals; provide support to ensure clients are nurtured and motivated to achieve goals; provide accountability and measurable results; and celebrate their victories.


  • Life coaching is NOT psychotherapy.  Whereas psychotherapy focuses on the past and the present, often delving into a patient’s past and inquiring into origins of behavior, coaching focuses on the present and future. The life coach assumes that their client is well-functioning and is facing a roadblock or finding it difficult to get over the next mountain to greater fulfillment.
  • Life coaching is not consulting.  A consultant is paid to advise a client based on the consultant’s expertise in a specific area.  A life coach understands that a client can generate their own solutions and create their own goals with the assistance of the coach.


…..Feel that something is missing in your life, but you are not sure what it is….. …..Find that you have put the needs of your family first, and have lost yourself in the process….. …..Are at a crossroads in your life, but not sure in what direction to go….. …..If you come home every day from a job that leaves you exhausted and unfulfilled, but feel stuck and anxious about making any changes…… …..Want something more from your relationships, but aren’t sure what that “something” is…… …..Wish that you ate healthier, slept better, or were more physically fit, but don’t seem to be able to take the steps to reach those goals…….. Through the life coaching process, you will identify the areas where you feel that you are lacking balance, fulfillment and joy. Creative coaching sessions will support you as you explore the infinite possibilities that exist for you. Rediscover the inner genius inside of you that already knows the answers to the questions of who you are, what you want, and how to get there. This is your powerful opportunity to get in touch with your passions and desires, to wake up to live an inspired life!


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