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everyday mindfulnessOften, when we hear the word “mindfulness”, it is usually followed by the word “meditation”. The two do go hand-in-hand, and meditation is probably the best way to develop mindfulness. But it is not the only way.

You can learn how to bring mindfulness into your everyday life through the practice of fun exercises: while you’re eating, talking, walking, brushing your teeth.  Anything you do, you can do mindfully, and there is a fun exercise to help you learn!

When you sign up for Everyday Mindfulness Coaching, you will learn how to work, play, communicate, and basically just LIVE, mindfully. You will learn a series of fun exercises supported through coaching sessions that will help you discover how to bring mindfulness into your life in a fun and meaningful way. Once you start developing your mindfulness “muscles”, you may find you have a hankering to start a mindfulness meditation practice. Everyday Mindfulness Coaching will also teach you the basics of mindfulness meditation. When you combine mindfulness meditation with the fun mindfulness exercises, you have an unbeatable combination!

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